Our main goal is to provide our Principals with the highest quality service while maintaining very competitive prices. Petromar's wide range of services, experienced surveyors and intimate knowledge of terminal facilities world-wide guarantee our efficient and cost effective approach.

At Petromar, we recognize the need for a dynamic approach in the cargo expediting and marine cargo loss control areas. We recognize the need to reduce your overall costs, to ensure quality control of the loaded/discharged cargoes, to minimize demurrage expenses, and to generally improve the efficiency of handling your cargoes. This is achieved without compromising the safety of the personnel, terminal, or vessels..

Over the last decade, Petromar has built a reputation for quality, high quality of service and efficiency and has become well respected among the Major Oil companies as well as the maritime communities in the west africa, so we can cover jobs with minimal expenses. 

Our attending surveyors cover all logistical operations during load and discharge of the cargoes, as well as liaise with ship captain and shore side personnel. This ensures smooth operations from start to finish.

Our Company

Petromar Oil& Loss Consultancy was founded in 2008. Our worldwide headquarter located in Ghana,Tema .We have branch offices in Nigeria, Togo and Turkey.We are able to fly whereever you need our services.